Advanced Physiotherapy Centre

Our Aims

  • Advanced Physiotherapy Centre has been established in old Gurgaon to provide the best treatment and rehabilitation to the patient with the modern techniques and sophisticated medical equipment.  The Physiotherapist team deployed in Advance Physiotherapy Centre are eminent professional in the National Capital Region in their respective specialties eg Manual Therapy, Orthopedics, Neurological, Sports Medicine, Paediatrics, Post Op, RSI, Ante-Natal/Post Natal, Slimming and Weight Management techniques. 


  • Our Vision is to setting up the state of art Advanced Physiotherapy Centre in the National Capital Region to provide best physiotherapy Care, Treatment and Rehabilitation to the people of Gurgaon with a healthy environment to assist them to improve with healthy mind, healthy body and healthy emotions with Healthier, longer, best pain free lives. 


  • Patient is our God.  We provide the most conducive environment in Advanced Physiotherapy Centre for patients of all ages required to undergo various physio-procedures. The Mission of APC is to provide treatment and rehabilitation even to the patients who are unable to visit the clinic due to their inability to attend the clinic or their adverse health conditions to their respective home AT PAR EXCELLENCE. 

Our Specialty

  • Most attractive features and specialty of the Advanced Physiotherapy Centre is its body slimming and weight management clinic.  Our experts advise you the best suitable diet for weight management techniques.  We uses best sophisticated modern equipment and therapy for the body slimming, body shaping and weight management commensurate with your age and height. You can thoroughly enjoy the sessions, and the results are evident within all aspects of health, mind, body and spirit, which make it truly holistic. 

Corporate and Institutional Health Talks

  • APC also organize the health talks/seminars for the Corporate, Institutes and RWAs.  Communication synchronizes the body and mind and very effective tool of healing.   It is evident that the clinical results have shown that once the communications systems of the body have been reestablished and the body mind complex synchronized, the body is capable of healing itself at a deep and lasting level.   So health talks have nothing to lose and everything to gain as far as your health is concerned. 

Modern Set Up

  1. APC  is equipped with modern and sophisticated electro-medical equipment and technology.
  2. Very competent and efficient team of doctors.
  3. Environment friendly clinic.
  4. Sufficient space for waiting area and for each modality of patients.
  5. Equipped with all basic amenities for the patients.
  6. Proper education, consultation and rehabilitation program for each patient.
  7. Approx 300 metres away from Gurgaon City Bus Stand and 100 metre away from Mamta Hospital.

Meet Our Best Physiotherapist Gurgaon