Lumber Canal Stenosis Physiotherapy Treatment

Lumber Canal Stenosis is defined as a cauda equina compression in which the lateral or anterioposterior diameter of the spinal canal is narrow with or without a change in the dross-sectional area.

Lumber Canal Stenosis Clinical Features

Common in males below 40 years of age the symptoms are fewer but may may complain of low backache

Patient with central canal stenosis present with b/L radicular symptoms very diffusely localized and described as- heaviness, general soreness or weakness in both lower limb especially with walking (walking uphill is easier, pain decreasing in sitting, forward bending

In higher levels- anterior thigh discomfort “shopping cart sign” sensory symptoms i.e. paraesthetic, tingling or numbness.

Nerve root impingement in lateral recess causes claudication and sciatica.

Lumber Canal Stenosis Physiotherapy Measures

  1. Strong isomeric exercises.
  2. Lumbar traction to relieve spasm.
  3. Lumbar corset for support.
  4. Gentle passive manipulation for back
  5. Proper back erogonomics
  6. Flexion attitudes are encouraged.
  7. Extension exercises are avoided.