Flat Foot Physiotherapy Treatment

Flat Foot is defined as loss of the medial longitudinal arch of the foot.




Flat Foot Types

Congenital Acquired
Causes Causes And Varieties
Calcaneovalgus foot Traumatic: It is  (fracture calcanous, traumatic, Pott’s fractures)
Vertical talus deformity Relaxed or static flat foot (commonest)
Talocalcaneal bar Rigid , fibrous or bony ankylosis from any causeSpasmodic; flat foot due to spasmodic contraction of the peroneal muscles.
Congenital ligaments laxity  


Physiotherapy Measures

During period of immobilsation in POP cast

      • Active movements of unaffected joints of hip, knee and ankle.
      • Strengthen the intrinsic muscles of foot, strong toe flexion exercises.

During period of mobilization

    • Foot is mobilized gradually
    • Intrinsic foot muscles in form of toe curling, foot cupping, etc. are performed in warm water.
    • Walking and standing on the outer border of the foot encouraged.