Frozen Shoulder Treatment / Peri Arthritis / Adhesive Capsulitis

Frozen Shoulder Treatment is defined as painful restriction of both active and passive shoulder movements due to caused within the shoulder and other parts of the body.It is also known as Peri arthritis or Adhesive capsulitis.

Causes of Frozen Shoulder Treatment

1. Shoulder Causes: Related to shoulder joint are tendinitis of rotator cuff, bicipital tendinitis fracture and dislocation around shoulder.

2. Non-Shoulder causes: Diabetes, Cardio-vascular diseases (referred pain), reflex sympathetic dystrophy, frozen hand shoulder syndrome (complication of Colle’s fracture).

Frozen Shoulder Clinical Features

Stage 1. (Stage of pain) – Patient complain of acute pain, decrease movements, external rotation followed loss of abduction and then forward flexion. Internal rotation less affected. Stage last for 10 to 36 weeks. Pain not radiating.

Stage 2. (Stage of Stiffness) – Pain gradually decreases. Patient complains of stiff shoulder. Slight movement present.

Stage 3. (Stage of Recovery) – Patient does not have pain. Movements will be recovered but never be regain to normal. Lasts for 6 months to 2 years.

Frozen Shoulder Treatment Physiotherapy
  • Role of Physiotherapist in frozen Shoulder
    • Thermo therapy – Thick and contracted capsules relaxed and made stretchable by deep heating using ultra sound and other modalities.
    • Passive mobilization techniques.
  • Role of Patients (Home Treatment Regimen) in frozen Shoulder
    • Pendulum exercises. Patient swings his arm like a pendulum in to and fro and inside outside.
    • Shoulder alleviation. Normal hand supporting the affected one is lifted up in a position of flexion abduction and external rotation.
    • Hand back position. Carry the affected arm backward with the shoulder in position of extension, adduction and internal rotation with elbow 900 flexion.
    • Other measures. Shoulder wheel, pulley exercises and wall climb exercises by arm and self stretching.

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