Cardiac Conditions Physiotherapy

After cardiac , abdominal, chest surgeries patients needs attentive physical therapy to relieve pain and reduces recovery time.


  • Post op CABG:  open heart surgery, valve replacement surgery, aneurysm arrhythmias requiring pacemaker
  • Thoracic surgeries: lung surgeries( lobectomy segmentectomy sleeve resection, LVRS)
  • Chest trauma: gunshot wounds, rib fracture, flial chest
  • Pneumothorax,hydropneumothorax,haemothorax
  • Chest infections: in which secretion gets accumulated pneumonia, copd,asthma ,bronchietasis
  • Abdominal surgeries: laprotomy,hernia repair appendectomy cholecysectomy


Cardiac conditions Physiotherapy Measures

  • Early mobilization
  • Bed mobility/positioning
  • Thoracic expansion
  • Incentive spirometry
  • Clearance of bronchial secretions
  • Active assistive coughing and huffing techniques