Rhemutoid Arthritis Treatment

Most common inflammatory diseases of joints characterize by proliferative and destruction of synovial membrane, periarticular structures, skeletal muscles, and perineural sheath.

Common in females.

Rhemutoid Arthritis Causes

It is an autoimmune disease initiating antigen triggers aberrant response which becomes self perpetuating after offending antigen has been cleared.

Predisposing factors include: viral infection e.g. rubella,Epstein-barr virus, genetic with people HLA DR4.


  1. Morning stiffness(> 1 hr)
  2. Arthritis of three or more joints
  3. Arthritis of hand joints
  4. Symmetrical arthritis
  5. Rheumatoid nodules
  6. Rheumatoid factor
  7. Duration of 6 weeks or more.



Systemic: fever, fatigue, weight loss, susceptility to infection

Musculoskeletal: muscle wasting, bursitis, tenosynovitis,osteoporosis

Hematological: anemia, eosinophilia

Lymphatic: splenomegaly, felty’s syndrome

Nodules: sinuses, fistulae

Ocular: episcleritis, scleromalacia

Vasculitis: digital arteritis ulcers,

Cardiac: pericarditis, myocarditis,endocarditis,conduction defects

Pulmonary: nodules, pleural effusions,bronchiolitis

Neurological: cervical cord compression, compression neuropathies, peripheral neuropathy.


  1. Reduction of weight.
  2. Modalities to reduce of pain and inflammation
  3. Strengthening exercises for quads
  4. Stretching exercises for the muscles of hams
  5. Alignment correction through manual therapy
  6. Taping