Physiotherapy Case Studies

Here is few Physiotherapy case studies reported to our Advanced physiotherapy centre at Gurgaon.

   He is 64 years old with a 6 years history of Parkinsonism.  Reported Advance Physiotherapy with  progressive decline in functional activities.   Imbalance in sitting and standing and tendency  to fall frequently with upper and lower limb weakness.  Undergone three weeks physiotherapy session.  Recovery more than 90 percent and feeling well and doing all routine activities and now on follow up weekly.

Amit Sharma (Businessman)

   She is 79 years old having right side total hip replacement from Paras Hospital, Gurgaon.  Patient reported Advance Physiotherapy with pain in the hip unable to walk properly.  She provided two weeks physiotherapy session. Now the patient is doing well.  No complaint.   Able to climb stairs and walk properly without aids.
Lalitha (NRI)
This male patient 40 years old diagnosed with Hemiparesis (Left MCA).   He has undergone in Advance Physiotherapy for treatment for a period of one month session.  Recovered 90 percent.  Patient is on follow up.

Himmat Singh (Retired Bank Official)

She is 35 years old.   Reported Advance Physiotherapy with pain in Knee, generalized body pain, swelling, morning stiffness, fatigue and weakness since two years with diagnoses Rheumatoid Arthritis.  Patient is also has Carpel Tunnel Syndrome/Fibromyalgia.   Undergone physiotherapy session for a period of three weeks .   Patient recovered well, no pain.
Laxmi  Bhatt (Teacher)
He is 50 years old. Diagnosed with Coronary Artery Disease undergone CABG. Reported Advance Physiotherapy with the complaint of sense of breathlessness while walking , chest pain and coughing. Patient undergone physiotherapy treatment for a week session and fit to carry out normal activities.
Mr. Bhura Singh (Farmer)
Patient aged 34 years with dizziness, imbalanced, vertigo in sitting and lying down position.  He is also having vertical nystagmas.   Diagnose with BPPV.   Reported Advance Physiotherapy Centre for  treatment and recovered fully in only one session.
  Dalip Singh (Shopkeeper)
She is 68 years old presents with bilateral knee pain, condition deterioted for six months. Unable to sit and walk. Knee locking present diagnose with Osteoarthritis. Undergone two weeks of Physiotherapy treatment in Advance Physiotherapy Centre. Patient recovered fully and feeling well and to carry out all the day to day activities.
  Mrs. Luchang (NRI Business Woman)
A 25 years old female patient reported with right sided facial Palsy since three days. History of facial trauma. Reported Advance Physiotherapy Centre and undergone three weeks physiotherapy session. Recovered well with no facial weakness.
 Priyanka Jain (Corporate Executive)
A 38 years old male patient, complaint of acute low back pain. Difficulties in turning, sitting. He has given home physiotherapy treatment for a week session. Recovered fully and very satisfied with the treatment provided at home.
  Mr. Moolchand(Lawyer)
This is 27 years old male patient. History of fall on the elbow. Diagnosed with fracture of radial head. Reported Advance Physiotherapy Centre after removal of plaster with complaint of pain, difficulties moving elbow and stiffness with very less mobility . He has undergone three weeks physiotherapy session. All is normal now.
  Mr.Vineet (Manager in MNC)
A 40 years old male patient was involved in RTA having T4 fracture. No movements of lower limb. Dependant bed mobility incontinence of bowel and bladder and under strict bed rest. He has been given home physiotherapy treatment. Patient recovered more than 90% after one month session at home. Now on follow up.
  Mr. Narender Dabas(Driver)
A 72 years old lady patient under gone TKR. Reported Advance Physiotherapy Centre with the complaint of pain, decreased mobility and difficulties in walking. Undergone three weeks session and recovered fully and doing all activities without any support.
  Mr. Rajwanti Devi(Housewife)