Osteoarthritis Physiotherapy Treatment

Osteoarthritis is defined as degenerative, non –inflammatory joint disease characterized by destruction of articular cartilage band formation of new bone at joint surfaces and margins.

Clinical Features

  1. Pain which decreases with walking poorly localized dull ache in nature.
  2. Mild swelling of knee joint with morning stiffness.
  3. Minimal tenderness and coarse crepitus
  4. If presence of loose bodies in joint patient gives history of locking or giving way.
  5. Terminal movements of knee are restricted.
  6. Genu varum deformity may be seen in advanced cases.


Osteoarthritis Causes

  1. Overweight
  2. Mechanical stress
  3. Loss of strength in muscles
  4. Overstress joints
  5. Diabetes
  6. Mechanical injury
  7. Old age


Osteoarthritis Treatment
  1. Reduction of weight.
  2. Modalities to reduce of pain and inflammation
  3. Strengthening exercises for quads
  4. Stretching exercises for the muscles of hams
  5. Alignment correction through manual therapy
  6. Taping