Calcaneal Spur Treatment

It is a spike of bone at the anterior edge of calcaneal tuberosity.

Calcaneal Spur Causes

  • Due to repeated attacks of planter fasciitis.
  • Due to repeated trauma
  • Constant pull of shortened planter fascia.
  • Ill fitting shoes
  • Fibromatosis of planter fascia.


Calcaneal Spur Clinical Features

  • Pain over heel, tenderness on planter aspect of the heel, slight swelling at attachment of planter fascia


Calcaneal Spur Physiotherapy Measures
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Reduces spasm
  • Improves pain through advanced modalities
  • Reduces tightness
  • Increases strength resisted  exercises
  • Taping technique
  • Ultrasound for instant pain relief